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*B Winning Streak S Jarvis

LA Score: 2025

Sire: Better Wayz BC Spice It Up *B

Dam: Winning Streak CM Marvelous 6*M EEEE92

SS: Better Wayz Braveheart Carbear *B

SD: Better Wayz Pumpkin Spice 5*M VVEE89 

SDD: SG Better Wayz Swiss Mocha 4*M LA VEEE91

DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88

DD: GCH Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEEE91

Extended Pedigree

DOB: 5/26/23


Extras: blue eyes, moonspots, white "flash"

Jarvis' dam, Marvie is a beautiful little doe. She looks so much like her dam, Amazing, with her strong dairy character, long, elegant neck, high, wide escutcheon, and length of both body and bone. Marvie easily earned her Jr leg as well as a BIS win under judge Jackson Noble, who commended her on being the “most balanced doe in the lineup.” Marvie stands ultra-correct feet and legs, with some of the straightest, upright front legs in the herd. She freshened for the first time in late April 2020 with a stunningly correct mammary system that looks just like her dam’s, well attached and capacious with a correct medial and teats that have lovely length, delineation, and placement.

Marvie finished her championship as a 2yo 2nd freshener in the first two rings of the first show of the year, her debut as a Sr doe. (Almost 40 in the breed) Judge Daniel Young noted that she has the “ideal rear udder arch” while judge Will Pearson repeatedly said she was “just a magnificent creature.” Mr. Pearson also emphasized that if there were a Best Udder in Show award at this show, she was his pick.

Winning Streak CM Marvelous 6*M EEEE92

Jarvis' Sire:  *B Better Wayz BC Spice It Up