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How To Reserve a Goat From Our Farm

Updated June 19, 2024

Our 2025 Kidding schedule will be posted late July! Please complete our below reservation form now to be on our "early bird" list that will be notified first when our schedule posts and we start accepting deposits.

Placing a paid reservation increases the likelihood of being able to purchase a goat or goats from our spring kiddings. We often have lengthy reservation and wait lists, especially on our extra special breedings. 

Performance home reservations will take priority over non-performance; and pet homes will be the lowest priority. We always have a few pet wethers and occasionally, a pet quality doe or two. However, our main focus is placing our goats in performance homes that help to improve the value and reputation of our goats.

Performance homes are defined as having participated in 2 of the 3 following ADGA programs for 2 or more years: Linear appraisals, DHIR milk testing, and shows.

By submitting the below form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our current sales policies and purchase agreement.

Upon receipt and approval of your reservation request, we will contact you with payment options to submit your non-refundable deposit. Reservations are held in order of the date the deposit is received.

Our kidding schedule is subject to change until pregnancies are confirmed. 

We often have kids for sale without a reservation however, prices are subject to increase for non-reservation sales. 

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