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Sales Policies & Purchase Agreement

Thank you for your interest in our herd!

Below are our sales policies implemented in our purchase agreement. These policies outline the responsibilities of the buyer and seller, which serves as protection for both of us. Our goal is to provide you with healthy, well-socialized, ADGA registered, potential show quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats! After years of goat sales, the following policies are in place to ensure that not only do we achieve this goal, we provide a professional buying experience for everyone involved.
If you have any questions please review our Sales FAQ page before placing a deposit as your deposit is non-refundable.
If your question is not covered on the website, please reach out!

By submitting an application and deposit, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in these policies:

Deposits & Payments

Deposits are intended to be a placeholder for your goat sale and are non-refundable for any reason. Your non-refundable deposits are considered "cash" payments and must be paid in such a manner. Payments sent electronically through PayPal, Venmo, etc must be sent via "cash" or "gift" not "goods and services". Payments submitted as goods and services will be refunded immediately. 

Payment methods accepted: Paypal (friend/gift), Venmo (friend/gift), Zelle, and cash. Credit card payments can be set up for a fee.

I do not accept checks or money orders.


The non-refundable deposit amount is $100 each for doelings and bucklings prior to their birth. At the time of deposit, please indicated the doe(s) you would like to reserve on and the gender of the desired kid(s). 


Once kids are born and photographed, you will have 24 hours from the time I send you your pick(s) to decide AND submit payment in full to hold your goat(s). Failure to do so will result in your turn being skipped. Failure to respond within 1 week of notification will result in your deposit being forfeit. Please be sure to provide me with a cell phone number and email address that you routinely monitor to avoid missing my notifications. 

Should I be unable to fulfill your reservation, your deposit will be either refunded, moved to another goat, or rolled to the next year. I do not guarantee eye color or coat color and these are not acceptable reasons to pass on a kid with a roll/refund on your deposit. 

I retain the right to cancel any sale at any time for any reason prior to the goat leaving my farm premises.

There are no refunds once a goat is purchased. 

First Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to keep any goat resulting from our breedings. Occasionally we may decide to retain a kid that we have accepted a deposit on. In this case, we will refund your deposit, transfer the deposit to another goat, or you can opt to roll into the next season.

We also ask that if in the future, you decide to sell or rehome a goat purchased from us, that you please first contact us and give us the option to purchase the goat back. 

Prices and Discounts

Prices for kids are set once pregnancies are confirmed and the listed prices will be honored for customers who enter into a reservation agreement on specific breedings. Prices are determined by the quality and potential of each pairing. The parents' performance history plays a large role in calculating these prices.


Therefore, prices listed on our Kidding Schedule are subject to change once the kids hit the ground and their parents continue in their performance programs. Any written or verbal price quote is subject to change until the sales contract is entered into by both parties. Placing a paid reservation will lock in your kid(s) pricing.

We do not offer discounts on our goats. The amount of time, energy, and money that goes into raising the superior stock we offer is beyond measure. Please do not ask for a discount or attempt to negotiate pricing; such inquiries will not be responded to. 

Health Guarntee

Here at Ilene’s Rascals, we strive to provide the best possible nutrition and care for our animals. We practice responsible breeding (including disbudding) and bio-secure herd management to ensure the health and safety of all animals. We test for common diseases (CAE, CL, Jhonnes, and Q-Fever), and are happy to provide you with negative test results for the goat you are purchasing or the dam and sire if you are purchasing a kid. It is our responsibility to ensure every goat that leaves our farm is healthy.

When a goat leaves our farm (including leaving with a transporter), it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure proper companionship, nutrition, and maintenance care for the animal purchased. We cannot guarantee future health, growth, production, or quality.


Please complete our reservation form to begin the reservation or sale process. 

If you have questions about nutrition or best practices, please reach out! We are happy to support you!

Health Protocols & Expectations

We follow the below health protocols for all of our kids:

  • CDT vaccine given 1 month before kidding and at 1 month post kidding

  • Cocci preventative given to kids at 3 and 6 weeks (provided to take home).

  • All kids are bottle trained however, they are not guaranteed to take a bottle if over 4 weeks old. Please pick up your kids promptly!

  • Kids are socialized and handled but we can not guarantee temperament or personality. Picking up your kids by 3 weeks old gives the buyer time to bond and increase the likelihood of a friendly goat.

  • All kids are disbudded by 10 days old.

  • All bucks and doe kids will be sold with ADGA registration at Ilene's Rascals' expense for buyers with a current ADGA membership. Otherwise, paper applications will be provided at the time of sale and all fees are the buyer's responsibility.

  • Kid names are subject to approval and must fall within our annual name theme.

  • Banding is not included for pet boys. Please contact your vet to make arrangements.

If you have questions about nutrition or best practices, please reach out! We are happy to support you!

Buyer Responsibilities

When a goat leaves our farm (including leaving with a transporter), it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure proper companionship, nutrition, housing, and maintenance care for the animal purchased. Our health guarantee does not extend once the animal leaves our farm. 


We strive to breed only the best, but do not guarantee future health, growth, production, or quality as much of this depends on herd management. While our herd is comprised of genetics from stock that is considered "show quality", bred for the show ring and milk production, we can not guarantee any success of animals we sell in the show ring or other performance programs. 

Pick Up & Boarding

The buyer is responsible for transportation costs and we appreciate prompt pick up! When a sale contract is entered into or your reserved kid(s) are born, we will set an agreed-upon departure date for your goat(s). Kids are expected to be picked up by 3 weeks old if you are in San Diego or a bordering county unless otherwise arranged (5 weeks allowed for further distances).


If your goat needs to stay beyond the agreed-upon date, there will be a boarding fee of $10 per day (which covers feed, water, minerals, and pen space/cleaning). In order to enter a boarding agreement, your goat(s) must be paid in full and boarding fees paid in advance an in weekly increments. Failure to pay these boarding fees will result in the termination of your sale contract and all deposits paid to date forfeit. 

Should your goat(s) require boarding beyond the agreed upon pick up date, a new contract will be entered into that will require the buyer to release liability and assume responsibility of any and all medical expenses while the buyer's goat(s) are held at Ilene's Rascals Farm.

Transportation Policies and Procedures

Air and ground transportation of our goats is available at the buyer's expense. It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to locate, interview, and coordinate with a transporter if needed. If you require transportation of your goat(s) be sure to disclose this information at the time of the sale/reservation contract.


We are happy to assist buyers with Veterinary Health Checks/Certificates for goats that will be traveling outside the state of California at the buyer’s expense.

Any delays in transportation that violate our pick up policies (above) will result in the applicable boarding fees. Delays of more than one week must be approved by Ilene's Rascals Farm and may result in the termination of your sales contract and all deposits paid forfeit. We understand that life happens and delays can be inevitable however, in order to efficiently run our business, we require timely pick up and cannot manage lengthy delays and boarding situations especially on young kids that require bottles. 

Performance Home Priorites

Our herd has grown in quality and value over the 10+ years we have been involved in the performance programs offered for dairy goats. These programs are invaluable at proving out a goat's confirmation and dairy capacity. The nature of these programs is in-depth and requires generations to be tested and proven. Therefore, herds participating in these programs will take priority in our reservation process and there may be pairings available only to performance herds.

A performance herd is defined as one historically (2+ years) participating in at least 2 of the 3 currently available ADGA programs: Linear Appraisals, DHIR Milk Testing, and ADGA sanctioned shows. 

Pet Wait List

We often have pet quality wethers available for sale! Please complete the Pet Application to be put on our free waitlist. 

We are a performance herd and do not sell pet does at this time. Occasionally, we have a doe kid that does not meet our expectations for a performance doe and will be offered as a pet. If you are interested in being on a pet doe waitlist, please complete our Pet Application. We also can direct you to other nearby goat farms that do accept pet doe reservations. 

Our Commitment to Performance

Ilene's Rascals is deeply committed to participating in all of the available ADGA performance programs. However, we do not guarantee participation for all goats or every year. Some goats are sold prior to being proven and therefore, we recommend that buyers with particular expectations only reserve on does/bucks already proven.

Many buyers are looking for a lower price and may opt to reserve on an unproven doe or buck pairing. Many have been rewarded by their gamble and it is a great way to bring in amazing genetics at a lower up front cost.

The prices of our goats directly correspond to the performance of their parents or themselves. As goats perform and prove their value, the prices of their progeny will reflect this and is therefore is subject to change for sales outside of a reservation/sale contract.

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