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IlenesRascals Show Me Casanova

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LA: 2025

Sire: Wolfivan Jack of Diamonds

Dam: SGCH Springwater AL Show Me Ur Stuff 5*M

SS: Agape's Prize Saint Dismus

SD: SG Wolfivan WP Patchouli V+VV87 @ 01-02

SSD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment, 2017 ADGA National Champion

SDD: SGCH Joyful Hearts KR Phoebe 2*M 4 *D VEEE91

DS: SG +*B Sugar Moon NS Alejandro *ELITE*

DD: Springwater JT ShowMeTheBeads 4*M

Extended Pedigree

DOB: 2/20/21

Barn Name: Casanova

Color: chocolate

Extras: Moonspots

SGCH Springwater AL Show Me UR Stuf 5*M

SGCH SpringWater AL Show Me Ur Stuff was First place at the 2019 ADGA Nationals as a First freshening Doe and best udder.

9th place in 2021 at Nationals and was barely freshened.

Photos of Show Me as a yearling and her family courtesy of Springwater Dairy Goats.

Wolifvan Jack Of Diamonds